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HealonWheel was founded in the year 2012 and became fully operational in the year 2013. HealonWheel have garnered a respectful image in the Healthcare fraternity of Malaysia since its establishment.

HealonWheel's main business comprises of distribution and supply of healthcare related products and also professional home Physiotherapy services. Motivated by the ever growing needs in healthcare and recently, the growing demands in Physiotherapy care, HealonWheel is committed in bringing the services to all levels of Malaysian community.

HealonWheel is now focusing in growing its base in Malaysia by collaborating with established organizations like BodyGreen Muar and b4ithappens in Kuala Lumpur. This collaboration is proven successful as the partners have seen a symbiotic growth for both parties. Our services are of high quality while maintaining an affordable price to better reach all communities in Malaysia.

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Details of Past Event- CSR Program done for Cybertech Sdn Bhd, Cyberjaya in Al-Ikhlas Old Folks Home.) -Brief details of future planned events

(S.T.E.P.S- A Special Avenue carefully planned for Special Children with special needs, COMING SOON!)





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